Please send an email before July 3!

The Massachusetts Dept. of Transportation will soon rebuild the Cambridge St overpass between Harvard Ave and Lincoln Street and repair the Franklin St pedestrian bridge. This $10 million, 2 year construction project can be improved in several ways:
  1. Our neighborhood deserves to look good, with street trees, attractive fencing and proper lighting
  2. We need safe ways to cross Cambridge Street at Linden Street and the top of the Mansfield St stairs, not just at Lincoln Street and Harvard Ave
  3. Bike lanes need to be separated from the auto lanes with curbs, cones, or planters so they are safe for cyclists of all ages and abilities.
  4. All pedestrian routes during and after construction must be safe for seniors, children, and the disabled. Project #606376

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  1. Alternatively, the mailing address:

    Thomas F. Broderick, P.E., Chief Engineer
    MassDOT - Highway Division
    Attn: Bridge Project Management
    10 Park Plaza
    Boston, MA 02116-3973

    and of course, mention the Cambridge Street overpass project #606376.