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Drawings from Nov 19 Meeting

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Concerns with the MassDOT proposal

  1. Physical barrier between bikes & cars would be safer than MassDOT's proposed 3' painted buffer
  2. No bike lane between Harvard Ave & Linden St when travelling towards the river
  3. The proposed 6' tall fence on a 6' wide median from Highgate St to Lincoln St is an unwanted barrier between North Allston and Allston Village
  4. Left turn onto Highgate St would be eliminated by the extended median
  5. Shared-use sidewalk between the Franklin St footbridge ramp & Harvard Ave will be crowded & complicated for people biking & walking in both directions

MassDOT Presentation from November 19 meeting

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Thanks for coming to last night's meeting!

It was amazing to see 150+ people from so many different parts of our community at the Jackson Mann last night to show how much we care about this project!

Boston Globe coverage - Allston fights for overpass change
"It is a near-constant spectacle on Allston’s Cambridge Street overpass, one that residents joke is akin to “Frogger,” the video game with lime green amphibians that dodge speeding cars while crossing the street. 
Very few pedestrians make the trek to designated crosswalks at either end of the overpass. For people traveling between North Allston and Allston Village, reaching a crosswalk requires a one-third mile diversion in either direction. Most prefer to take the direct route and jaywalk — or jayrun ."

Governor announces $260M project to straighten Mass. Pike in Allston

Conceptual designs of project to straighten Mass. Pike in Allston -
The state this week announced several major transportation projects, including plans to straighten part of the Massachusetts Turnpike that cuts through Allston and reconfigure exit and entrance ramps as well as some local roads.
The estimated $260-million, multi-phase project is scheduled to start in fall 2016 and be completed by 2020, according to the state transportation department.
The state said it is currently considering at least two options, or “conceptual alignments,” to straighten out I-90 and reconfigure ramps around the Allston-Brighton toll area