Mike Ross comment letter

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From: Mike Ross <mike@mikeforboston.com>
Date: Thu, Jul 4, 2013 at 12:57 PM
Subject: Comment on Project #606376 - Cambridge St. Overpass of I-90
To: dot.feedback.highway@state.ma.us
To Whom It May Concern:

I want to thank MassDOT for their reconstruction of this important bridge, but I would also like to express a few concerns about the project as it is currently planned. Cambridge Street has the potential to be a gateway for Allston-Brighton and to bridge the a community divided by the Massachusetts Turnpike. While campaigning in the neighborhood, I've heard from local families and activists that they don't feel the current overpass design suits the neighborhood. In particular, local residents have expressed the desire for:
  • The need for a pedestrian crossing at Linden St. for safety and traffic control; 
  • Improvements to the aesthetic aspects of the project;
  • Improvements to the proposed bike facilities, including a longer separated bike lane; and
  • Measures to ensure pedestrian safety during construction. 
Allston-Brighton is a vibrant neighborhood of engaged residents. It's also home to one of the most active biking communities in Boston. This overpass should be something all residents can use and be proud of. I hope MassDOT engages with the community to listen to their concerns and incorporate their ideas whenever possible.

Feel free to contact my campaign should you have questions or need further information. 

Mike Ross

MassDOT's Project Development and Design Guide - good stuff!

A comment at UHub mentioned MassDOT's award winning Project Development and Design Guide which "serves as a national model for developing context-sensitive, community-friendly road and bridge projects."

I have never seen this document before, and its pretty good! Here are a some excerpts:
"Transportation and quality of life in our Commonwealth communities are inextricably linked. This connection is largely influenced by the role that highways, streets, and sidewalks play in our lives. Excellent transportation is critical to a healthy and vibrant Commonwealth.
MassHighway, in its role as steward for our roadways, must consider a broad range of factors in maintaining and improving this system, including
  • Safety for all users
  • Functionality – the need for access and mobility
  • Accessibility for people with disabilities – as a prerequisite to access to employment, recreation, and healthcare
  • Mutual support and compatibility between transportation facilities and services and the adjacent land uses and associated activities they serve 
  • Input and participation from local constituents, and the appropriate local, regional and state reviewing agencies
By bringing together transportation professionals, local residents, and interest groups, transportation planning can produce public facilities and programs that support community goals, provide safe and efficient transportation for individuals and goods, enhance the economy, and protect the natural environment.
This Guidebook has been developed to ensure that projects intended to improve the roadway network in the Commonwealth are implemented in such a way that the character of the project area, the values of the community, and the needs of all roadway users are fully considered."

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"More than 125 residents, businesses, and organizations have signed a letter urging the state’s transportation department to revise a plan to completely rebuild the busy Cambridge Street bridge in Allston.
The letter asks the state to: add at least one more spot where pedestrians can safely cross the bridge and remove a fence proposed to run down the median of the bridge; make aesthetic upgrades to the plan, including planting more vegetation; and improve safety for cyclists by expanding proposed bike lanes and installing vertical barriers between bike and traffic lanes."

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