In Missouri, they got $4.5M to beautify highway overpasses

I-70 Enhancement Project:

MoDOT's goal is to design and construct visual enhancements to the Interstate 70 highway from Goodfellow Boulevard to St. Louis Avenue. Senator Jean Carnahan and Representative Clay secured $4.5 million dollars in federal transportation funds, with the assistance of Mayor Slay's office. 

MoDOT has held a series of neighborhood workshops in early 2002 that allowed residents to express their concerns on the existing conditions and recent construction of the corridor. I-70 is the front door to the city of St. Louis and what enhancements are made are very important to the people living, driving and working nearby. 

Numerous issues were expressed regarding the lack of landscape, the chain link fencing, the concrete slope embankments and general appearance of the recent construction. Residents wanted the corridor to reflect the spirit of the people and architectural character of their neighborhoods.

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