Why this project is needed

Here are a couple stories from 2010 for anyone wondering why this $10M project is needed.

Cambridge Street overpass in sorry shape « CBS Boston August 12, 2010 
Officials say the crumbling Cambridge Street overpass, which crosses over the Massachusetts Turnpike in Allston, could take years to repair.
Chunks of concrete have been falling onto cars driving along the Mass Pike and passing commuter trains are forced to take it slow while passing beneath the roadway.
For now, a metal plate has been placed over a hole in the sidewalk on the Allston-bound side of the bridge, and one of the three traffic lanes has been isolated by jersey barriers to handle foot traffic.
Crews repair hole on bridge sidewalk in Allston, August 12, 2010
Crews worked overnight Wednesday to repair a large hole on the sidewalk of an Allston bridge.
According to the Department of Transportation, a large chunk of concrete fell underneath the sidewalk portion of the Cambridge Street overpass.  
A large metal plate was used to cover the hole, but officials said that is a temporary fix.
It is the same bridge where last September chunks of concrete came loose and slammed into Meg Garvey as she was driving down the Massachusetts Pike.
“It just sounded like explosion, and came right at me,” said Meg Garvey.

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